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The “ancient art” of house cleaning

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The “ancient art” of house cleaning!

 The use of a professional house cleaning company can be an invaluable asset to any household, and by comparing the house cleaning work that we do with other so called “professional cleaners” you will instantly be able to see the vast differences in the levels of cleanliness and quality on offer.

Not only that, but you will notice that our customer service is beyond exceptional!

For starters we as professional house cleaners are fast, thorough and extremely time efficient while at work, so when you finally decide to hire our services, you should take some time to observe the work that we do, because you might actually learn something. We also want to show you that we don’t cut any corners, and that you can relax knowing that the job is safely in our hands.

As a premier house cleaning company based in Wimbledon, we at First Choice Cleaning Services have decided to provide you with a few basic tips that will help you to organise your house cleaning duties and more importantly teach you how to become more efficient in the “ancient art” of cleaning.

ancient art of house cleaning

 Firstly, plan Your House Cleaning Chores

Organise and plan your cleaning duties down to the smallest of details, you should schedule regular weekly house cleaning tasks and chores, as done by the professionals.

 After all our professional cleaners don’t just do their cleaning job because there is nothing else to do. Each house cleaner has been interviewed at length, carefully checked and trained according to our high standards, they also enjoy house cleaning which is an added bonus! That is why First Choice Cleaners offers the best house cleaning service in Wimbledon and its surrounding areas.

You can’t keep your house clean by cleaning it periodically or even as and when you feel like it. Think about the satisfaction and pleasure you will feel when your house is spotless. So when you eventually decide to get to down to the actual house cleaning don’t do it half heartedly or quit halfway.

Instead you should think of it as a military operation which needs to be meticulously planned and executed in order to be successful, plus you get to burn a few extra calories, so its a win-win situation for you!

Wear Cleaning Clothes

 When professionals do their job they should arrive not only with their own cleaning tools, but also appropriately dressed for the task at hand.So arrange yourself a “cleaning uniform” which can be any old top and bottoms that you no longer wear. Whatever you decide, it must also be machine washable and very durable, because you will now be referring to these items as your “cleaning clothes”.  After all if don’t have to worry about spilling something on your favourite dress or t-shirt or getting your trousers dirty then you can get on with the tasks at hand in a much more efficient way – saving you time. Also you can complete your cleaning job much faster and in a more efficient manner.  

Always Buy the Right Cleaning Products and Equipment!

You will not see professionals like us using the latest gadgets and products that you see advertised on daytime TV. They promise to deliver much yet in reality deliver very little, so there is no point in wasting your money on the latest cleaning fads. When it comes to house cleaning in Wimbledon or anywhere else for that matter, we would not recommend any of the latest gimmicks and gadgets, so take our advice and stick to the tried and tested? Don’t purchase all of your cleaning tools and products in stores such as Asda or Tesco or any other supermarket for that matter. Instead we suggest that you browse through the aisles of your local home improvement store or builders merchants in order to obtain well made professional cleaning tools, equipment and products. Look into the Magic Mop range of equipment, we highly recommend this brand of products if you are looking for a good clean.

You may also come across White Terry Clothing at stores like Homebase and B&Q, this clothing is perfect for people carrying out professional and even thorough home cleaning jobs. They are also extremely sturdy and machine washable, and can be easily bleached! We hope that you have picked up a few cleaning tips, and you are ready to start trying them out. Remember if you can’t cope its ok, not all of us are doctors and astronauts so not all of us are cleaners, after all that is why we are here to help.

Our house cleaning in Wimbledon services are there to take care of all of your cleaning worries and chores. We understand that life can get a bit hectic at times, so why not reduce your workload and let us handle all your house cleaning and ironing – We are house cleaning professionals after all and why we call it The “ancient art” of house cleaning

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